Gordon & Barbara in Paris

Gordon & Barbara in Paris
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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Impossible

THE IMPOSSIBLE--Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, Starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts/ with Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin, Oaklee Pendergast /screenplay by Sergio G. Sanchez from a true story written by Maria Belon/ PG-13/ 1hr47min

Bifocal Review written by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy

(B) This film, was based on a true story, but the names were changed to protect the innocent; But seriously, the names WERE changed to suit the cast, rather than the Hispanic family that was being portrayed. I didn’t have time to let that little fact bother me, as I found the underwater filming to be mesmerizing and was totally immersed in the ravaging tidal wave and dramatic fight for survival that began shortly after the film opened. The entire cast-- from the adult stars and co-stars to the children and natives of Thailand--were remarkably convincing. Everything about this film made me feel as if I was transported from my seat in the theater to be among the families who experienced this tragic event. It was a compelling dramatization of one the overwhelming forces of Mother Nature. Kudos to everyone involved in creating such realistic special effects. On the Bifocals Scale, four being best, I give this film three-and-a-half binoculars.

(OG) The Impossible is the type of movie where, the more you learn about the backstory, the more you like what you already enjoyed on the screen. The Impossible blends phenomenal special effects and great acting with a tale of synchronicity and true life adventure that poignantly establishes that “doing the right thing” is a desire that transcends cultures, races and religions. Two scenes stand out for me. One is where the mother, played by Naomi Watts, wounded and bleeding and decides to put her own safety aside to save a child that is calling for help nearby. The “lesson” is not lost on her eldest son, who later takes him mind off his own problems by helping other victims locate loved ones. I found the film very inspiring and recommend it. Also, the young boys who play the sons are ALL consummate actors at young ages and should be acknowledged in upcoming awards ceremonies. A solid three and a half binoculars from me as well.

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