Gordon & Barbara in Paris

Gordon & Barbara in Paris
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bifocals on Bullfighting

In the near future we will post some new materials that deal specifically with this subject. For now, please enjoy the podcast. If you are interested in a pdf of the DESTINO Los Cabos article, send us an email.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day

Knight and Day
Director: James Mangold, Writer:Patrick O'Neill/With Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard/110 minutes/PG-13

(B) Fun, Fun, Fun. That’s what this movie was for me. I don’t want to say this is a no-brainer, but this is pure entertainment that doesn’t require any deep thinking. I was in the mood for just that type of film. Cruise and Diaz work very well together in this light-hearted, romantic comedy. A big bonus was the selection of locations that added to the visual effect. If looking at Cruise and Diaz was not enough, there was also Salzburg, Austria, Seville, Spain and tropical Jamaica to name a few. I mustn’t omit by any means, the daring stunts that both stars perform in this action packed romp. If this is what you’re looking for, you got it. I give it three binoculars.

(G) Usually it would matter to me that a film’s plot was illogical, bordering on schizophrenia when giving my half of a bifocal review. However, director James Mangold and writer Patrick O’Neil have struck gold with the pairing of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz who stand out, even in all the beautiful places that Barbara mentions above. Plot doesn’t matter. This film is simply a light, romantic comedy starring two of my favorite movie stars who demonstrate why they are box office royalty. There is something unexplainably appealing with both of these actors and putting them together in an action film that allows their personalities to radiate in the foreground of a global travel-picture book, is nothing less than perfect. That is not to say that this is one of the great films of all time. Far from it. We still have to hold all movies to the same standards. But, this is slightly less than two hours of enjoyment that you will probably not regret having invested your money or time in. I also give this one a three on the binoc scale and therefore the average is three, even though I still don't know exactly what the title has to do with the characters in the film.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BIFOCALS visits New Orleans

BIFOCALS visits New Orleans

Here is an example of a previous post from YouTube and our old website:

In light of the recent disasters around the world, and especially in the Gulf we decided to add a few comments about New Orleans after Katrina, and this video which includes short interviews from the local business owners one year after the huricane struck. Barbara and I felt that we should always do whatever it is we CAN do to shed light on any situation and to offer any help, no matter how small, to remind us all that the "government" is us and that big business is not ALL businesses.

CHER at Caesar's Palace

(B) Cher-cus-soleil That was the word that came to mind as soon as the show was over. Not only were we served a generous helping of stage genius by the named celebrity, but the background dancers and singers and musicians all seemed to be hand-picked by the star to complement not only her, but each other. There were a total of 15 costume changes, during which acrobats and dancers lit up the stage. If anybody could, "turn back time" Cher does it. Her voice and look are timeless. In her rousing 90 minute show, she also pays tribute to her days with Sonny and has fun with her own self image by projecting video images all around the theater.

(G) Tomorrow is my birthday. So, this evening Barbara took me to the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to see Cher. At the opening of the show, Cher joked that many of the men in the audience were probably unwillingly being dragged along for the ride by their women...unless, of course the men were gay. The truth of the matter is, it was one of the most spectacular shows I've ever seen and a tribute to the concept of "superstardom."

Cher also joked that this kind of show would only be possible in a place that thrives on excess and is fueled by the mistaken belief that you can leave the casino a winner. All those nickels and dimes and dollars that we all have left in the slots, or poker machines or at the keno or roulette or craps or blackjack tables apparently have added up. The theater offers a top notch, audio-visual and pyrotechnic filled show that is unsurpassed in any live show I've ever seen. Even the background videos that are sometimes used to entertain while the star changes clothes, are artistic and cleverly presented. I enjoyed it all. Cher did not disappoint anyone in the audience. Her voice was strong. Her body is unbelievable and her wit was sharp. She showed why she not only was a recording phenomenon, but a TV comic star and an Oscar winner as well. Four very clear binoculars!

Bifocals Madrid

Bifocals becomes BIFOCAL reviews

(G) In an effort to streamline our lives and also to make our travel podcasts and print reviews more easily available to you, our loyal viewers and readers, we are launching this new blogcast through blogspot. If you have arrived here through our old producer.com blog, then please make sure that you bookmark this new location, to save yourself some hassle when we close down that site permanently. We intend to move all or our reviews and printed matter here, as well as easier access to our podcasts that are usually found on YouTube. In fact, below you will find the latest podcast about our most recent trip to Europe where we visited Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid. There will be two more videos posted from the Madrid part of the trip. In addition to the general impressions podcast, we will post one specifically about bullfighting and another about Cafe Las Chenitas where we were entertained with Flamenco. In addition, I want to point out (in print) some things that we may not have a chance to dwell upon in the video podcasts. Notably, I want to highlight one important comment from our trip to Madrid. While Barbara was interviewing a "man on the street" about two pickpockets having a dispute, he made some very poignant comments about international opinions that Barbara wanted to emphasize.
(B) One message that our interviewee (a native of Madrid) was that he believed that American's do not appreciate president Obama as much as they should. While discussing pleasantries and the pickpocket issue at hand, he steered the conversation to Obama. I was not prepared to take notes (basically I couldn't see anyways) but this is the gist of the message. He said that Obama is looked to with respect and for guidance by the people of Europe. He said that there is a general feeling of relief that Bush is no longer in office and that President Obama understands and respects European concerns better than most in the past.
To underline this unprecedented feeling of excitement about a U.S. president that is very obvious especially in Spain, I want to tell you that what I could see were several stores recently opened that sell NOTHING but Obama memorabilia. They really love the guy and want us all to know it. I told this man ( his view was echoed by his brother, sister-in-law and mother who were standing nearby) that I would write about it, when I could. This is the fulfillment of that promise.