Gordon & Barbara in Paris

Gordon & Barbara in Paris
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Year

ANOTHER YEAR--Directed by Mike Leigh/Starring Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen/Written by Mike Leigh/129 min/PG-13

(B) Royal performances by Jim Broadbent, who plays the husband of Ruth Sheen, who plays a therapist in this film, display the typical family in the English countryside. Ruth Sheen works in the same office with Lesley Manville, a receptionist. Lesley Manville is a single middle-aged woman who plays an old and dear friend of this couple. Their friendship is at the core of this movie. This film is so natural and real, I could almost taste the tea served at the table. For those of you who don’t understand the English accent, you won’t have a problem with this film. Mike Leigh did a great job both directing and writing, and I would also commend the set direction. If I were the Queen I would knight these excellent actors and place a royal crown on the head of Lesley Manville. I give ANOTHER YEAR three solid binoculars.
(G) I regret that Barbara and I had to split up to see all of the Awards Nominated films this year and I missed this one. I hope to catch up with these performances prior to the Oscars. For now, take a look at the trailer below.

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